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Sizing Smarts

You are reading a description of a shirt you like and you run across the phrase “junior sizing” or “European cut” and you wonder what does that mean. Well, it’s an excellent question if you want your garment to fit properly. Junior sizing is a term used for young...

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Special Washes for T-Shirts

Get an instant retail vibe for your corporate gear with on-trend fabric treatments that shout “current.” Take a soft hand shirt and add some acid and you get an upscale look for a modest price. See image A above. Areas close to the seams and hems are a slightly...

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Mad for Plaid

Bet you didn’t know Paul Bunyan was a style icon way before his time. From oversized prints to tonal patterns, plaids are a fashion force. The pattern is showing up in traditional places like shirts and blankets, but also on new items like caps, accessories, and bags....

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This quintessentially American fabric has been a perennial favorite but in recent years has been showing up in more ways, some casual and some we could even call “Corporate.” The stand-by of denim jackets and chambray shirts are still around but with newer cuts, fresh...

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Puff Stich Ink printing

How do get the look of embroidery for a fraction of the price? The answer is a screen print technique called Puff Stitch Printing. Rather than using thread to embroider a large design on a garment, which is very expensive, we use an ink system that replicates the look...

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Apparel Trend: Stripes are Stars

In honor of our country’s independence, we will take a look at a powerful trend in casual wear: stripes. They are showing up on athletic gear, workwear, dress shirts and T-shirts of every stripe! Stripes add contrast, pattern, interest and show you know the current...

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