customized healthcare uniforms tailored to your company's needs

We provide customized healthcare uniforms, apparel, gear, and swag available on an online platform.

The healthcare industry is a fast paced environment made of people who care about the health and wellness of their communities. Sometimes, a little too fast paced.

At Righteous, we provide customized healthcare uniforms, apparel, gear, and swag available on an online platform. This gives all of your departments one centralized location to quickly get everything they need from pens, hand sanitizers, and lip balms, to embroidered scrubs, jackets, and pants.

Consistent Branding

Do you have several locations and departments ordering swag and supplies in various colors and styles, decorated with different versions of your logos and taglines? We work with your marketing and communications department to determine the appropriate branding, colors, and logos for all of your products, so you can gain consistent branding across the board.

In Time Stock Merchandise

When your primary responsibility is to your patients, you may not remember to order more pens until you reach into an empty holder. You don’t have time to wait for an order to be produced and decorated. With in-stock merchandise, you can shorten your timeline to days instead of weeks. Orders are shipped in 24-48 hours of order receipt, arriving before you are completely out of ink.

Budget-Friendly Options

In everything we do, every dollar matters. Quality, and accuracy matter too. For over 30 years, we have worked with a select group of preferred manufacturers to procure affordable solutions to swag and gear. We pass our preferred pricing to you, and guarantee these vetted manufacturers deliver a quality product you can feel good about putting your brand on.

Some of Our Work

Many of the world’s leading brands have raised their uniform game, trusting us to deliver high-quality, custom-branded employee uniforms, corporate apparel, professional workwear, retail merchandise, and promotional products.

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