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2019 Apparel Trend Guide

Our 2019 trend guide has arrived! Read our guide full great content, which will get you up to date on all things apparel, decoration techniques, and more. Topics covered include: Caps Going Beyond the Logo Patches Throwbacks/Retro Styles Garment Quality Corporate...

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Tangible X’s & O’s are Better

Why Tangible X's & O's are Better As Valentine's Day approaches for 2018, love is in the air, and on the mind. Most people would agree that an actual hug and kiss are much better to have than a series of XOXO’s on a page, or in a card. Both convey the same...

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The difference between price and cost

We all want to get the best products for the lowest price. It’s human nature. The problem with our logic is that at times we engage in activities that actually cost us more, even though we think we are saving money. This is called confusing price and cost. The price...

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How to Choose a New Uniform Provider

(Disclaimer: yes, we are a uniform provider, but stick with us. This is helpful info no matter who you work with.) Uniforms have been around since the dawn of civilization and for good reason. They help people quickly discern which team you are on and what your role...

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