A Guide to Setting Up Your Company Apparel Store

company apparel store for employees - how to set it up

Providing a company apparel store for employees with custom branded apparel is a great strategy for increasing your brand’s visibility. Not only does this provide a cohesive look for your staff, but your employees become walking, talking billboards when they’re wearing your gear. Having a company-wide uniform policy isn’t new in the business world, but creating an online store to allow your employees to choose their clothing is a game-changer.

Benefits of a Company Apparel Store for Employees

When you can provide employees with excellently designed clothing featuring your logo, you’re creating an opportunity for your staff to build a positive relationship with your brand. Giving them something that they can wear proudly while working can promote both employee loyalty and retention, but what you’re ultimately looking for is employee buy-in.

A company apparel store gives your employees some ownership of what they are wearing to work. If you offer them options, It goes beyond just a basic uniform, offering your staff autonomy to choose their apparel based on their personal preferences and comfort levels provides your new employees with buy-in and a sense of ownership for how they present themselves. Our handy style guide can give you some ideas about the hundreds of options available for you to choose from. You can mix and match professional and casual styles as will suit your needs.

What’s Involved in a Custom Company Apparel Store?

Creating a custom online company store is so easy. Just a few quick questions and we can be on the way to getting your storefront live and in front of your staff. Not only is it easy, but it’s a great way to provide quick access to all your branded merchandise for your employees. We can build your online store so that it perfectly integrates your brand too.

The benefits of setting up an online store are really limitless. Your store will save you time and money while providing the ultimate convenience for your staff.

Your custom company apparel store can also:

  • perform customer service tasks
  • complete order processing
  • calculate inventory for in-stock options
  • Offer “virtual inventory” on non-stock items
  • offer quality products with a quick turnaround time
  • maintain customer order history
  • create sales reports
  • complete order fulfillment
  • offer secure and private transactions
  • and so much more.

How Can You Get Started?

Righteous is able to provide a full-service apparel store for your company which includes everything from product selection and design to warehousing and shipping. It’s easy to get started offering professional branded gear for your employees.

First, you can browse our success stories and case studies to decide what kind of apparel you’d like to provide for your staff. Are you looking for options for daily uniforms? Or, are you seeking merchandising opportunities to offer your employees as rewards or incentives for excellent productivity? Maybe you’re seeking to create a list of options for a new uniform program as well as offer other corporate apparel, or maybe you’re wanting some casual items that your company employees can wear on the weekends.

Once you decide what kinds of clothing and merchandise to offer, you can customize those particular garments and have them produced only when an employee purchases them. You’ll have dozens of options to pre-select for your employees and curate a collection of uniforms and other apparel that your staff will be happy to wear.

How Righteous Can Help

At Righteous, we believe everyone in your company deserves to feel good about what they’re wearing. Since you can create custom apparel and uniforms to meet any of your branding needs, there’s no reason not to have a cohesive apparel store for your employees.

We’d love to be your partner as you create a unique line of apparel just for your specific business needs. Our dedicated team of experts can help to facilitate product selection, organize web design, and get your store up and running with ease.

Get started today.

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