Dave & Busters

The Challenge

Driving Behavior Change

This high-growth concept from Dallas, TX has an energetic and engaged team who love their workplace, “where work is play.” The brand uses dress guidelines but no official uniform is mandated, which leaves a lot open to personal interpretation. Finding work appropriate garments can be a challenge, and clearly identifying who the team members are within the restaurant and entertainment venue was a priority. No one wants to have an awkward talk with a non-compliant employee so a proactive strategy was needed.

Our Solution

Based on leadership’s desire to provide great options and price points, we built a program to meet the garment needs of each employee group. Front of house staff now have a range of garment silhouettes with a mix and match assortment of brand decoration options that allows them to customize their garments and have them produced on demand. The pre-vetted selection provides dozens of garment/branding combinations, and personal expression with a sense of pride in how each person represents the brand. This encourages everyone to show up with a great looking garment that clearly communicates the brand’s values. Proving that with the right motivation people will buy-in at a deeper level.

Managers have their own assortment of apparel and accessories, and everyone can order fun corporate identity wear that offers both office and weekend appropriate items. Beyond logo-slapping, this program provides bold and subtle brand decoration options to suit each type of garment, and personality. Uniforms can be fun too.