You don’t have time to micro-manage your uniform company.

When your vendor partner doesn’t care about your business, they drop the ball, and it lands in your lap. This causes you frustration and leaves you feeling overwhelmed and worn out.

Reclaim your time and get back to doing what you love.

Consistent Communication

With monthly reporting and regular communication with Righteous, you will always know what is going on with your apparel and gear.

Quality Apparel

Your employees represent your brand while wearing their uniforms. Long lasting, good-looking apparel shows people you care about your brand, and how it shows up day-to-day.


On-Time Delivery

Your Righteous-managed inventory is always available right when you need it. With our two US locations, in-stock apparel is never more than 3-5 days away.

Over 30 years of

taking care of our clients.


– Hundreds of on-time packages shipped daily from our two    US locations

– Award Winning Customer Service

– Dozens of seamless transitions from a previous vendor

Getting started with Righteous is as easy as:

  1. Schedule a call – Speak with one of our experienced program experts so we can learn about your specific wants and requirements.

2. Construct – our team will put together a plan that is just right for you. We can craft it until it’s just what you need.

3. Launch! Once everything is dialed in we launch your shiny new program and your team can start using it right away.

Busy executives don’t have time to wonder if their uniform provider will have stock, deliver on time, or send the right stuff. We believe that ordering branded apparel should be easy, and come with sufficient communication to put a mind at ease, resting in the knowledge that the right gear will show up at the right time. At Righteous, you get a reliable partner for your swag and gear needs.

“Righteous Understands What Is Going On”

What we require a Teammate to wear can make a big difference in how they feel about where they work.  The right uniform can reinforce the brand image, encourage fun and loyalty and will reinforce that we care about our Teammates, especially when we take great lengths to ask them for their ideas and what they want.  It’s also important to be in tune with today’s Teammate and to keep up with the trends.  It’s so great that our Uniform Vendor Partners at Righteous understands what is going on in the industry & are there to support us with these efforts!

Carrie Martin

VP of Operations Support, bd's Mongolian Grill

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