Custom Business Apparel

that excites your team and makes you more money
PeaceHealth Corporate Identity

Excite Your Team

Individual employee expression + uniformity of brand = a happy team.  And happy employees make happy customers, which puts more money in your pocket.

Sharis Uniform Program

In-Time Ordering & On-Time Delivery

Never pay for more inventory than you can reasonably use.  We produce it when you are going to need it.  And you’ll receive it on-time, or we’ll pay your shipping.
Tilted Kilt Retail Program

Custom Decorations That Grow With You

We continually upgrade our apparel decorating prowess.  With 53 custom apparel decorations, it’ll tell more of your story than just your logo ever could.

What we require a Teammate to wear can make a big difference in how they feel about where they work.  The right uniform can reinforce the brand image, encourage fun and loyalty and will reinforce that we care about our Teammates, especially when we take great lengths to ask them for their ideas and what they want.  It’s also important to be in tune with today’s Teammate and to keep up with the trends.  It’s so great that our Uniform Vendor Partners at Righteous understands what is going on in the industry are there to support us with these efforts!

Carrie Martin

VP of Operations Support, bd's Mongolian Grill

Vendor of the Year

We are honored to be selected as the Vendor of the Year for 2018 by Pancheros Mexican Grill. Over the past six years, we have collaborated with Pancheros as the vendor for all custom apparel and branded gear. My team has enjoyed a great relationship helping to build the Pancheros brand. Read More… Aly Salz

CEO, Righteous

Promotional Gear & Swag

We’ve got creative solutions to your promo gear problems, even the ones you didn’t know we could do something about.  Find what you need or let us do it for you… 

Sarah is a franchisor trying to do it all!

Learn how Righteous helps franchisees manage uniform programs. Watch the video to see how Sarah works with Righteous to take program management off her plate.

How Righteous Manages Uniform Programs

Check out how we save you time and money, excite the people who put on your uniform and bond you to your customers (which grows your business)…