Team collaborating on product design for an online company store.

Conquering the complexities of custom apparel with Righteous expertise.

Many brands find themselves at a crossroads in the dynamic world of custom apparel and merchandise. Decisions about design, sourcing, storage, and distribution often become overwhelming.

Whether it’s creating an online company store for employees, custom screen printing designs and embroidery services that truly resonate, or efficient apparel fulfillment services, we have the expertise to elevate your brand’s apparel presence, ensuring you make a lasting impression every time.

Let Righteous be your guiding partner, turning challenges into opportunities to showcase your brand and build your reputation.

The Righteous Custom Apparel Advantage

From design and sourcing to storage and distribution, achieving brand excellence isn’t always straightforward. That’s where Righteous steps in. Our custom design services ensure your brand stands out, consistently delivering on quality and innovation. With a keen understanding of your unique needs and the expertise to address them, we position your brand at the forefront of its industry.

Laptop on a wooden table displaying a custom online company store webpage featuring promotional apparel and accessories.

Custom Online Company Store

Experience ease and elegance in every interaction with your brand through our custom online company stores. Righteous meticulously crafts e-commerce spaces that become a seamless extension of your brand, offering your employees and customers a direct avenue to your exclusive branded merchandise.

Tailored to reflect your brand’s identity, our online company stores uphold visual and operational consistency and simplify your distribution and kitting and fulfillment services. With features that range from fast, in-stock product shipping from our dual warehouse locations to robust security measures ensuring data privacy, every element is tuned to deliver convenience, brand control, and an exceptional user experience.

Full-Service Creative Apparel Design

Wow your customers and inspire your employees with Righteous creative design services. Our expert in-house team delves deep into the essence of your brand, ensuring every design resonates with your core values and speaks directly to your audience.

Whether you’re aiming for a refreshed corporate identity, standout event merchandise, or dynamic promotional material, we bring your concepts to life with precision and flair, encompassing screen printing designs and embroidery services.

Trust in Righteous to elevate your brand’s visual language, transforming everyday apparel and merchandise into memorable touchpoints of engagement.

Designers collaborating on an apparel design with a white T-shirt laid out on a table, featuring a placeholder text for a custom print, surrounded by color swatches and design tools.
Cardboard box on a conveyor belt in a warehouse, illustrating efficient warehousing & fulfillment management processes in a distribution center.

Warehousing & Fulfillment Management

At Righteous, we redefine warehousing and fulfillment, ensuring precision and efficiency for teams of every size. Our strategically positioned warehouses in Oregon and Missouri ensure swift processing and delivery, with your merchandise typically arriving within 2-5 days after processing.

We significantly minimize your upfront costs by retaining ownership of in-stock items until they’re acquired via your online store. Our experienced fulfillment team goes beyond simple storage, employing rigorous quality checks before shipping every order.

Kitting & Special Packaging

Righteous elevates the art of packaging, turning standard bundles into unforgettable moments. Our kitting services are designed to cater to diverse requirements, be it a detailed store launch package, heartfelt team appreciation kits, or a custom retail starter set to kick off your enterprise.

We collaborate with you to meticulously choose the perfect products, adding unique touches like personalized cards and select thank-you gifts. To add that final touch of delight, we incorporate complementary promotional swag, ensuring each package reflects your vision and stands out in every way.

Two women working on kitting and fulfillment services, one with a package, the other using a laptop.
Group of diverse individuals modeling modern workwear from different workwear brands, showcasing a range of stylish professional outfits suitable for various workplace environments.


Dress for success with Righteous’ industry-specific apparel solutions. We boast a curated selection of on-trend merchandise tailored to sectors including education, grocery, healthcare, manufacturing, and the bustling world of restaurants and food service.

Restaurants can elevate their staff’s look with custom uniforms from renowned brands like Chef Works, while educational institutions can showcase their pride with tailor-made team apparel. Healthcare can trust premium brands like Wonderwink and Koi Scrubs while manufacturing sectors benefit from the rugged reliability of Carhartt and Dickies. We ensure every design perfectly fuses function with fashion, aligning with each industry’s distinct requirements.