Your internal customers – your employees – want to identify with your brand and show their corporate pride. Help them with a robust program of services to drive employee satisfaction and morale.

Toppers Uniform Program


You will get an exceptional uniform that your employees will enjoy wearing; one that enhances your brand and conveys your corporate values. This is important brand real estate. Use it well by partnering with apparel experts.



The great thing about selling branded merchandise is that your customers will pay you to wear your brand. You have raving fans that want to associate with your brand and will take your logo out into the community.

It’s great to know we have the support of such a great vendor — you guys at RC always give us top-notch service and it’s a pleasure to do business with you! I am grateful for how hard you work for us in processing every order. Kudos to you all at RC for just plain being awesome!

Melissa Rufener

Coordinator of Advancement Services, Life Pacific College