Click, Customize, Celebrate: How to Elevate Your Healthcare Uniform and Swag Game Online

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Colorful healthcare uniforms on hangersModern medical organizations are like small cities, bustling with sky-high expectations for peak performance while dealing with steep competition in recruiting and retaining best-in-class personnel. And all this while navigating budgets that barely keep pace with growing demands. It’s a high-stakes game that could certainly use a boost.

Now, imagine this: walking into your healthcare center, greeted by smiles, efficiency, and unmistakable orderliness. Every professional’s role is instantly recognizable, thanks to their attire. The lanyards, pens, and patient take-home bags? All flawlessly branded.

As you head to your office, a recruitment station catches your eye, decked out with all the things that make a nurse feel special. It’s a small touch, but it speaks volumes.

You can’t help but feel a sense of pride, knowing how effortlessly everyone got exactly what they needed when they needed it, all branded with the perfect message.

While others might grapple with the challenges of outfitting a diverse workforce, your world is relatively stress-free. The headaches of customization, supply chain hiccups, manual processing, and the quest for a seamless online ordering platform are now things of the past.

Your budget is stretching further, and sustainability efforts are on the rise with less waste and increased efficiency.

Let’s rewind and take a closer look at how you achieved this seamless ordering experience at scale with a Righteous online company store.

Meeting the Diverse Needs of Your Healthcare Team

Within your organization, there are many different roles, but not all of them deal directly with patient care.

Your patient care staff needs durable workwear; your office personnel desire professional apparel that keeps them warm and comfortable; and your technicians need branded lab coats that clearly signal their position.

Despite the different requirements of each department, you were able to accommodate their individual needs thanks to your custom Righteous online company store that allowed employees to order their gear based on their role, offering flexible options and choices where allowed.

Customization Beyond Staff Uniforms

Uniforms aren’t the only things that require customization. Your various departments and locations often need to order customized patient handouts like pens, magnets, note cards, and other gear.

With a Righteous online company store, customizable stationery and supplies are available at the click of a button so each team can order precisely what they need.

Efficiency in Handling Volume Orders

When departments or teams want to order bulk gear, say for an event or to outfit everyone as the seasons change, they can do that right from your custom online store.

Simply choose the item, enter the quantities per size, and check out. Purchasers can even mix and match across garment categories to receive higher volume pricing for the entire order when it all gets the same logo decoration. Their volume discounts are instantly calculated online based on the quantity ordered.

All the gear is produced on demand, lightening your inventory load and liability.

Navigating Supply Chain Challenges

Have you ever placed an order only to find out days later that an item you requested was out of stock? It’s like being told you’re getting ice cream only to end up at the dentist. Fortunately, that type of misdirection is now a thing of the past.

With your new online store, you now know immediately what is available within your timeframe. Your online store offers real-time connections to supplier inventory data, showing anyone placing an order what is available right then and there.

As for the evergreen gear you use regularly, you have stock at the ready in your vendor’s warehouse for immediate shipment to your location. There is no more wondering if an item is available. With your stock inventory back-end view, you know exactly how many of each thing is available to order on the day.

Recognition and Rewards at the Ready

Employees are the lifeblood of your organization. Having a streamlined way to order and customize awards, recognition items, and special gift drops for events like Nurses Week has become a game changer for your HR team.

You now have the option to reward an employee or an entire group with points, granting them access to your custom portal. Here, they can choose from a wide array of gifts at various price points, regularly updated to reflect seasonal changes.

Balancing Budget Constraints

If there’s one thing the past few years have hammered home, it’s the art of making more happen with less. And hey, thanks to some nifty new tools, you’re set to master this art like a pro.

Think inventory magic – your vendor partner holds onto it until you give the word, letting you budget smartly, month by month. Gone are the days of a back stockroom mystery tour; now, you order precisely what you need and send it straight to where it needs to go in the exact numbers required. This isn’t just efficiency; it’s efficiency with a Righteous twist!

Streamlining Manual Processes for Order Collection

Back in the day, this was handled with spreadsheets and multiple reminder emails to everyone on a team. “Get me your size selection today, please.” What a difference technology makes.

The system sends out emails, your team clicks on the link, reviews the options, checks the sizing, makes their selection, and checks out.

If the corporate office is paying for the gear, an ordering link with an auto-debiting coupon is used. If not, the employee puts in their credit card info, which can be saved for the next time under their unique account.

No more needing to chase team members down to get their orders or delay shipping until everyone has selected their items. What was once a major hassle is now automated and completed with just a few clicks.

Having a Centralized Ordering System

With all available selections pre-approved for use in your custom online store, you know that whatever a team member chooses will meet the standards and needs of your organization.

Where once you had purchasing groups buying gear with inaccurate branding colors, now you know that brand compliance is maintained across the entire organization.

Your centralized system means the approval process is streamlined, and the visibility into what is ordered is only a click away. Billing has also been simplified, with a weekly CSV file upload of all invoices to your ERP.

Embracing Technology

Scalability means having the structures in place to allow for growth, and your new Employee Uniform and Gear Platform has enabled your organization to think strategically about the future.

You can confidently expand to more locations, assured that everyone across your team will uniformly use the same system, don the same gear, and follow the same processes, maintaining a consistent look and approach. Oh, the benefits of updating your technology.

Your new interface provides the simplicity of a user interface your employees know how to use from personal experience. With order acknowledgment, update emails, and shipping and tracking available 24/7, ordering from your custom Righteous online store is just like shopping online with any retailer.

Sustainability in Branded Apparel and Gear

As an organization, you want products you know are produced durably, ethically, and sustainably. With your new platform, your teams can select items rigorously vetted for quality, social and environmental compliance, and made using the materials and processes that meet your sustainability goals.

Fortunately, many new options have been made available, with pricing lowering as more competition hits the market. From name-brand products to custom creations, your ability to choose products that meet your goals has never been easier.

PeaceHealth Hospital System: Centralized Brand-Compliant Swag and Gear Fulfillment


Whether you want to improve your professional look, help patients quickly identify the right people, or keep your team compliant, a branded uniform program is integral to taking your brand to the next level.

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