The Powerful (and Often Overlooked) Impact of Branded Uniforms

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Custom branded uniforms with Blue collar name badge.It’s a beautiful spring morning. Your crew shows up to the job site dressed in safety tees, hard hats, vests, and gloves. They quickly get started, ready to put in a hard day’s work.
Someone drives by, and notices you are doing a beautiful job, but doesn’t know exactly who you are. This commuter has been tasked with hiring a new team for an upcoming remodel, but your workers are in blank, generic gear, and the potential opportunity is lost as they roll away.

All too often, the only team members wearing branded apparel are sales staff or site managers – ensuring that the person bringing paperwork looks trustworthy, professional, and official.

While it is true that this is important, your workforce in safety gear is too. When field teams are outfitted in official gear, with your company logo front and center, it just might say more to your next customer than you know.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why your next order of workwear should have your logo on it.

Custom Gear Presents an Official, Professional Appearance

Your crew is made up of top-tier professionals, who all know what they are doing. They represent your company every day and need to look the part. The most impactful way to tell a customer that your guys are the real deal is by having them show up in branded gear. Your team will look unified, professional, and ready to work.

Your Teams Are Important, Let Them Know It

Your team members work hard and aim to be a pivotal part of your organization. They are proud of where they work and want people to know it. Branded gear gives them a sense of belonging, sends a message that they are a member of the family, and that you want people to know where they work.

Don’t Miss An Opportunity for Free Advertising!

Take our earlier example of the missed commuter. If your team is working in branded apparel with easy-to-read decoration, they are advertising your business every time they wear their work shirt. Whether they are seen on the job, on the street, at the grocery store on their lunch break, or on their way home, your brand is boldly displayed for all to see. This can strike up conversations, referrals, google searches, and more for your business. This equals marketing without the extra expense.

It’s a Safety Thing

A fast way to identify someone on a worksite that shouldn’t be there? Look for the person not wearing safety colors. This identification is made even faster when they also aren’t sporting your logo on their shirt. If your team is in branded apparel, you can quickly identify a safety issue regarding someone who has wandered where they shouldn’t. This can prevent accidents or injury, saving them, and yourself, a headache down the road.

Branded Gear Exudes Trust and Authority

When your future clients are searching for a company to complete a large and expensive job like the ones you do, you can be sure they will have done their research before deciding who they will trust their project to. Companies investing in your services have expectations for what they will receive in return. One of the ways you can go above and beyond those expectations is to have your employees show up looking like the excellent team they are in unified gear, printed with your logo. Team members in branded apparel will bring comfort to the client knowing the people who are there are supposed to be there. The customer will be confident in your company, and trust that you are the right team for the job. Construction projects are typically contracted for long engagements rather than more transactional business, so start your new relationship off on the right foot by showing up in your best from day one.

Ensure Compliance and Brand Consistency

When leaving it up to your crew to purchase their own apparel, mistakes can be made. Make it easy for your employees to be in the right gear by having it available for them to easily order. The best way to avoid gear with the wrong safety ratings, color, or incorrect decoration is to take control of the options available. With centralized fulfillment of your gear you can have inventory in stock for quick fulfillment of new hire orders or replacements shipped right to your employees.

Make It Easy With an Online Company Store

Getting your team into branded gear is easier than you might think. With the proper partner, you can have your entire crew in proper attire in no time by setting up a right-sized program for your needs. Take the gear you are already purchasing to the next level and put it in an online company store for easy ordering.

  • Cost increase is nominal – Right now you, or your team members, are buying safety gear to comply with regulations for your job sites. If you purchase those same goods from a uniform supplier with a logo, the cost will only increase on average 5-10% of what you are paying for the gear alone. This investment pays for itself with all the benefits you receive from branding your gear – not to mention those saved marketing dollars.
  • Inventory is managed for you – Buying decorated apparel doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a closet full of shirts and hats to keep track of for new hires. If your uniform vendor specializes in warehousing and fulfillment services, you can have them to do the work for you. Simply work together to determine expected usage, hiring trends, and your upcoming calendar to properly anticipate your needs for inventory levels. This way, your closets stay clear, and your team can quickly order the gear they need when they need it.
  • Team members can buy their own gear – Take one more thing off your managers and supervisors by having your team members order their own gear with a custom branded online company store. Place all your uniform pieces on one, easy to use, ordering platform and your crew can order exactly what they need in their size.

A-Gas: A Blueprint for a Unified Remote Workforce Uniform Program

See how Righteous helped a world leader in the supply and lifecycle management of refrigerants, A-Gas, solve their remote workforce’s uniform challenges with Custom Company Store and centralized warehousing and fulfillment for their field teams.

Righteous – Your Partner in Branded Apparel

Whether you are looking to step up your professional look, let everyone walking by know who is working on a site, or keeping your team in compliance, a branded uniform program is an important part of taking your brand to the next level. Schedule a free consultation with a Righteous representative today!

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