Stay on Trend with Colorful Campaigns: Five Tips for Using the Pantone Color of the Year Without Changing Your Brand

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Pantone Color of the Year, Viva Magenta 18-1750
Two decades of color inspiration culminate in the vibrant hue of the year, Viva Magenta 18-1750, chosen by The Pantone Color Institute for 2023.

Pantone recently announced Viva Magenta as 2023’s Color of the Year, and you can’t wait to start using the soothing red tone that strikes the perfect balance between warm and cool. We get it! There’s no better way to show your tribe you’re on-trend than a modern color palette. However, you spent years developing your brand’s style guide, and this year’s hottest new color just doesn’t fit. So how can you stay on trend without doing a complete brand refresh? Here are five ideas on how to use color in creative ways.

#1: Don’t Focus on Your Logo — Focus on a Message

Promotional cup with a company logo to demonstrate using Pantone's color off the year
Embrace a fresh color palette through a captivating campaign, while preserving your logo’s essence.

It’s easier to play with colors when designing around a phrase or message than changing your core branding concepts. Instead of altering your logo, create a campaign that incorporates a new color palette.
For example, suppose your business uses a tagline, team motto, or catchphrase. In that case, you can create an eye-catching design using colors different from your usual branding materials to highlight that message. You can combine your team motto or catchphrase with trendy colors like Viva Magenta on t-shirts, hats, swag, and in-store promotional items. Make something that reminds everyone what you stand for in a way that makes a positive impression each time they see it.

#2: White Imprints Are Your Friend

Phrases are great, but you really want to be on-trend with branded items too. No problem, we’ve got you covered.

The solution? Make your logo white. The easiest way to put your brand on something that would otherwise clash with your brand’s colors is to eliminate the competition by making your logo neutral. White goes with everything, and we promise you can still imprint with it after Labor Day.

#3: Limited Edition Gear for Your Staff or Retail Program

A great opportunity to introduce fun, trending colors without making them a permanent part of your brand is to create limited edition apparel and swag. Limited edition gear is a great way to drive excitement and sales for a brand.
Your team members get to change up their wardrobes, and your patrons get to buy something from you that looks like them. People are more likely to wear your branded apparel when they can identify with it (favorite color included), giving your brand exposure when they wear your gear when out with friends.

#4: Change Up What Is Already Temporary

Menu and flyers set on a desk
Temporary messaging materials offer a burst of vibrant colors, breaking free from brand guidelines.

Menu inserts, posters, flyers, and countertop signage are all common ways businesses convey time-sensitive messages like daily specials, seasonal events, and sales to their visitors. These temporary items don’t have to follow brand guidelines, per se, which allows you to incorporate exciting new colors that don’t normally play a role in your brand’s style guide.

#5: Social Media Posts

What space is more appropriate to play with on-trend concepts and colors than social media? Social media posts often don’t adhere to brand guidelines, so feel free to get creative when posting memes, images, puns, and clever interactions with your fans. Adding trending colors to your posts will help them stand out by catching people’s eyes while mindlessly scrolling on Facebook or Instagram.

Elevate Your Brand With Righteous

Pantone’s Color of the Year won’t remain popular forever, but your brand will stay fresh if you learn to incorporate trending colors as fluidly as they change. Keep things fresh, fun, and exciting by embracing different options for playing with color while staying on brand.

Ready to infuse vibrant colors into your brand’s identity while staying true to your core values? Connect with the Righteous team today and let’s explore creative ways to elevate your brand with trending colors!

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