Top 10 ways to get your logo to tell your brand story

You’ve got a great brand and a fabulous logo. Your job is to use it consistently. Your logo’s job is to get attention and create emotional connections wherever it is placed. But sometimes, when a logo is placed on a garment, it can feel like it just sits there. Your logo needs to tell a brand story, but how do you do that?

Fear not.

We’ve got 10 ways to give your garment logos the voice they need:

1. Silicone Rubber Patches.

For brands with an athletic air, these soft-textured little numbers are perfect for big bold graphics and text-driven brands. We sew them on and they don’t come off.


2. Applique.

This form of embroidery brings a richness and feeling of permanency, elevating your logo to the next level with layers of fabric and laser-cut accuracy.


3. Flocking.

Want a smooth, velvety texture to your logo to match your plush, comfort brand? Invite tactile engagement with this high impact deco.


4. Hem Labels.

Add a retail flare to your apparel program with a subtle or not-so-subtle hem addition and show your brand personality.


5. Puff Printing.

This 80’s go-to is back and better. And it probably doesn’t look like you remember. This faux embroidery gives you the eye-popping look of hand-stitched without the cost.


6. LASER Edge Patches.

Sometimes embroidery can’t capture all the fine details of your logo. That’s where LASER Edge Patches come in. They’re woven, extremely detailed, and are sewn on securely, for a high-quality, high-detailed logo experience.


7. Foil Mirror Film.

If your brand is rocking the glam or retro feel, these high sheen applications can amp up the reflectivity of your logo and really make it shine.


8. Discharge Printing.

If elegance and lightness are your brand attributes, soft-hand prints start with a base that discharges the color of the shirt. This leaves a white surface for lighter printing.


9. Direct to Garment (DTG).

When you need multi-color prints and small quantities on a budget, this decoration packs a punch. With the ink printing directly on the garment, you can choose multiple colors and good quality for a great value.


10. LASER Imprinting.

If longevity is your game, you can get a lasting imprint that never washes out or degrades, and a subtle color distinction that works best on mid-tone casual garments.


Each of these decoration techniques can keep your branded apparel looking snazzy and set the right foundation to tell your brand story. We think they’re all amazing. Which one speaks to you?

Apparel decoration techniques can set the foundation to tell your brand story. With over 50 apparel decoration techniques to choose from you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your program. If you’d like to learn more, contact us at 503-655-1227.

We look forward to discussing the design technique that will best bring your logo to life. To take uniform evolution to the next level, check out our blog on uniforms that go beyond the logo.

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