Crafting Your Brand for Custom Branded Apparel and Beyond

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When running a business, many leaders mistakenly believe that building a brand is a waste of time, money, and energy and focus only on day-to-day operations. This may save a bit of money in the long run, but it can make your organization miss out on numerous opportunities or exponential growth through new and repeat customers. Creating a brand isn’t easy, however, as it requires a careful and strategic approach that ensures everything from your website to your custom branded apparel is working together. Including the following three core elements can make your brand feel trustworthy and familiar to new and existing customers alike. 

1. Your Organization’s Story

Many professional websites include a little blurb about how the company was formed, changes that have occurred throughout the years, and even pictures of employees throughout the organization for a personal touch. Why? People are drawn in by stories, and they often remember information told in story form better than a fact sheet. 

Use this to your advantage and craft a compelling story that not only grabs potential customers’ attention, but makes your brand seem approachable, genuine, and helpful. It’s also great to talk about how your organization works to improve the community or world at large by including a bit about charitable donations or work, sustainability efforts, or ethical labor standards, as these are also important aspects of any organization’s story. 

2. Your Organization’s Focus

Of course, it’s the goal of most organizations to make a profit each quarter, but consumers aren’t looking for companies that set out to only make profits. They want to purchase products or services from an organization that can solve their problems and enhances their lives in some way. How specifically does your company do that for your customers? In other words, what is your organization’s focus?

Many businesses take a jack-of-all-trades approach, rendering them masters of none. While some businesses can thrive with a general business model, it’s often better and more efficient to specialize in a niche and offer the best products or services in your chosen area rather than being mediocre in more than one aspect. Once you have an organizational focus, be sure to build that into your brand with a logo that encompasses your niche, employee uniforms that clearly allude to what your company does, and more. 

3. Your Organization’s Personality

Defining your organization’s personality is perhaps the more difficult aspect of creating a brand that will entice customers and build trust. At the same time, working to build your organization’s personality can be a fun and thought-provoking exercise that can also give you a clearer picture of what you want your business to look like in the future. 

Some business leaders think that a brand personality is just an extra layer, completely optional, and almost unnecessary. This couldn’t be further from the truth—the organization’s personality is the brand. Take time to think about the type of personality you want your brand to display (Exclusively professional? Personable, but hard-working? Laid back, yet trustworthy?), and work on making this personality uniform across all different platforms. Your support staff, salespeople, and upper management should all encompass the brand’s personality during everyday operations, but especially when interacting with clients. 

Having one personality online that is completely different from the brand personality displayed in person can be frustrating and break trust among customers. When it comes down to it, your brand’s personality must be authentic and executed consistently. 

How We Can Help

Righteous has been a leader in the custom branded apparel industry for over 30 years because our expert and professional staff know how to make brands and organizations like yours stand out. We have helped several business leaders forge a complete look for uniforms for staff and gear for customers to increase brand awareness and help build your brand’s persona effortlessly. 

If you’re ready to elevate your organization’s brand, please contact the professionals at Righteous today!


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