Redesigning your uniforms? Ask your employees.

When you’re ready to design a new uniform look, it’s normal to bring your internal marketing team and brand marketing partner together to collaborate. But what if, instead, you started with your employees?

Your Employees are an untapped creative resource.

Your employees aren’t going to actually design a shirt. But, they likely have plenty of opinions that will spark creative ideas and influence your designs.

Over the years, we’ve seen this information gathered in different ways. From formal surveys, to one-on-one conversations, focus groups or your intranet platform. Just ask a few pointed questions, like:

  1. What do you like about your uniform?
  2. What don’t you like about your uniform?
  3. If you could change one thing, what would it be?
  4. What would have to change about your uniform to make it be something you’d be proud to wear on your way to and from work?
  5. Is there another brand’s uniform you wish we had?

These five questions can help your team shape the development of your new look.

From feedback to buy-in.

Once you have some designs, bring together a group of management, front line, and corporate folks to review. Review the feedback from employees, and then talk through how your designs address their needs. Empowerment to freely speak into the process bolsters the outcomes and fosters a spirit of inclusion and respect.

When employees know the new uniform look was designed with input from the people who are wearing it, it gives them a sense of being heard.

Creating a buzz.

Early wins build excitement. Anything from a teaser communication, to outfitting one store and then taking pictures of the responses to get your entire system anticipating the change.

People want to be included in the process. But many are not used to being asked, so don’t be surprised if at the first attempt at inclusion you get blank stares. With practice and a well-honed list of prompts, you can build a culture of listening that drives greater results.

Sometimes questions are the best place to start.

Have questions for us? We are here to help you create a uniform your employees will love.  Contact us to learn more about our uniform redesign process.