5 Ways You Can Use RFID technology

If increasing engagement is on your task list, then you need to see what our innovative apparel emblems can do for you. Using Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology, you can share messages, keep your team updated, run promotions or manage a host of other campaigns. This is the same technology that is used when you tap your mobile phone to pay for coffee at Starbucks, and now it can be embedded in your logo on apparel or other branded gear. We simply embed RFID chips into your custom patches and emblems and then apply them to your custom garments and accessories.*

Your customers or employees just need to hold their phone close to your logo and, voila, a website is launched. Most newer models of phones come with the technology built in.  From there you can stay in contact with your audience, and change up the messaging on your web page as needed. We have come up with 5 uses for this technology that can take your engagement efforts to the next level. Try one of these on for size, or create your own bespoke campaigns. The uses are endless.

1.) A Fitness Center could put a custom emblem on a gift with sign-up gym bag. Then the emblem could link through NFC to a page with all the current classes and special events listed. Personal trainers could provide private content to their customers that is only accessed through the emblem. Even those who are no longer members could find that information useful and may pay for classes a la carte or come back in to sign up for all the cool things offered.

2.) A Radio Station could hand out T-shirts that connect the recipients to a special landing page with custom playlists. Then, to keep the listeners coming back, change up the content on a regular basis – like a weekly “new music guide.” Curated content is all the rage right now and when people feel special and have access to unique content that is not available to the general audience, you can amp up the personal connection factor.

3.) A Restaurant Chain could include a custom patch with NFC on their New Hire Swag Bag, with instructions included on how to scan it. Then, once scanned it launches a page that has the CEO speaking via video to welcome that team member to the organization. Most entry level employees have no idea who the CEO is and this is a great way to humanize the leadership among the rank and file. Next level: A C-suite welcome music video would be amazing.

4.) A Chain store could put an interactive patch on their front line uniforms and use it as a way to keep the team updated on new training, new reward programs, and new product roll outs. Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt and with content that is rolled out periodically but not necessarily on a scheduled basis, it keeps people coming back to see if anything new is being said. While these may not be critical downloads they could be incentivized to get responses from the “first 20 people who answer this question correctly get double reward points…” Anything that is gamified helps to increase participation.

5.) A food manufacturing company could put a patch on custom aprons to promote their latest ingredient. Then, at regular intervals they could launch new recipes on the linked web page to keep buyers and professional chefs coming back for more inspiration. They could even use it as a collaboration platform for their community to upload images of their best dishes to the site.

OK, now you’ve heard five great ideas from us, but we bet it got your brainstorm brewing. So, tell us your ideas of how you want to use NFC to increase your engagement and take your audience participation to the next level.

*Custom emblems and patches take about 4 – 6 weeks to produce and we can program them or you can do it yourself.

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