Our Values and Beliefs

Righteous: Your strategic partner in branded merchandise programs

Our team develops effective branded merchandise programs for our partners, but our primary focus is forming lasting relationships.

Your success is what makes us happy, and we hope that you think of us as a vital strategic partner to your success.

Righteous lives by our values every day. We provide the highest level of service, and stand by our work. If you’re not satisfied, we will work with you until we solve the problem.

That’s the Righteous way.

Form Long-Term Relationships

We strive to understand you and your company, your goals, and your pain points. We customize creative solutions to solve your problems.

Honesty & Transparency

Always keep open dialogue. Sometimes we are given bad ideas and will offer our perspective and solutions based on our experience. We will never leave you in the dark.

Continuous Improvement

We believe in being curious, that not asking ‘why’ leads to boring results, challenging assumptions, and admitting when something can be done better.

Do The Right Thing

This includes owning our mistakes, no matter what it costs. We make sure things are easy for you even if that means it may be tough for us.

We believe…

there’s more to your story than just your logo.

uniforms should allow individual employee expression.

in creative solutions to your problems

in the storytelling magic of our 53 custom apparel decorations.

in on-time orders or we pay your shipping.

in easy for you, even if it’s hard for us

your money sitting on a shelf serves no one.

in designing, making, storing, and shipping it, right before you need it.

in challenging deeply held and erroneous assumptions.

that your employees already know the answer.

that not asking “why?” leads to boring, sub-optimal results.

in owning our mistakes, no matter what it costs us.

…in the Righteous way, not the cheap way.

Aly Salz

Aly Salz


A Righteous Story


In 1989, Rick couldn’t stand it anymore. Product didn’t arrive on time, was the wrong color, and had the wrong imprint.

His job was to sell advertising and promotions to local companies for a large national corporation. But he had to keep apologizing, rather than solving their problems.

The week we got engaged, he said “what if we got a business license and did this ourselves?”

We had no money. No investors. He was a veteran. I was in college recruiting.

We had no business being in business.

A year and a half later, we quit our jobs to screen print shirts in our garage using our dining room table as a makeshift printing press. We did everything ourselves until we could hire people better than us.

It wasn’t all perfect.

Once, we printed a ton of T-shirts incorrectly and sent them to our customer, a fast-growing national chain. The client got them and called right away.

They had the right colors, right logo, and right print, but were not up to our printing standards. The client was right to call us.

We reprinted the order, recycled the bad ones, and apologized to the client.

That one mistake cost us over $50,000. But, it’s what we’ll do with no argument whatsoever if what we provide is wrong for any reason.

A few weeks later we heard that our client’s manager asked him what we did about the problem. When told, he said that he wasn’t surprised. He knew we would stand behind our work and make it right.

He gave us the biggest compliment anyone can by telling us in person that he trusted us.

Our little dining room table turned printing press is still at work in our main shop today.

It reminds us to find creative solutions to problems that hold you back, even the ones you don’t know you can do something about.

We promise to make it easy for you to be great at your business, even if it’s hard for us.


That’s the Righteous way.

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