Great Harvest

The Challenge

Keeping the brand fresh

Based in Dillon, MT, with over 200 units nationwide, this franchised system holds loosely to uniformity and leaves a lot of room for personal expression and for each franchisee to find unique ways to relate to their patrons and community. The wearables, though, were very logo-driven with the cap, apron, and shirt all sporting the same repetitive image. They love their logo but there was definitely room for another message to be platformed.

Our Solution

The perfect trinity of franchisee, corporate, and Righteous collaboration provided a robust list of phrases and brand vibes that formed the core of the new product range. We found fun ways to communicate their values and culture and translated those into simple, eye-catching T-shirts, aprons, caps and accessories. What makes this really work is this program is almost entirely non-stock. Every month we feature a new shirt design and pair it with great retail and promo gear to provide fresh product around the calendar. Designs are reflective of the current season, or LTO promotion, with a mix of shirt colors, cap shapes, and garment styles. Like their bread, we like to keep it fresh.