Uniforms that can save and even make you money

We’ve been in business for a long time, and one thing we know for sure: your uniform is more than just a uniform. As we’ve seen with several of our clients, new uniforms are a way to save money and make money, when you have a strong strategy and plan.

A study in saving money

One of our clients – a west coast chain of around 100 units – was dealing with the fallout of a uniform that pleased its younger workforce but was a sore spot for its older, longer-term employees. The risk of losing these longer-term employees, and the often unseen cost of employee turnover, motivated the chain to rethink its uniform strategy.

After hearing the feedback and complaints, Righteous worked with the restaurant to design a new collection of gear that fit the core needs of every age demographic. The response was enthusiastic and immediate. Employees reported being more comfortable in the fast-paced, demanding restaurant environment.

Take the cost of training a new person and multiply it by your turnover. Overall, the numbers speak for themselves: Reducing turnover is a revenue-saver. If you’re struggling with employee morale around your uniforms, you can save the cost of turnover by making a much smaller investment in new apparel that fits, performs well, and brings a smile to the face of your employees.

Putting uniforms to work

Another client of ours embraced the strategy of using their uniforms to make money. A restaurant of about fifty units, this chain was looking for ways to drive incremental sales. With a cool, gearhead feel, one of their revenue streams was the sales of retail merchandise in a dedicated area. But sales were stagnant and they needed a new approach. It started with a complete redesign of the apparel and space. Next, the employees became an integral part of the sales process by wearing the new gear as their uniform. Sales doubled almost immediately.

Take it as a powerful reminder of how important your employees are as advocates for your brand. Their enthusiasm for it can be tapped as a revenue driver. You can incentivize your team with bonuses and free gear to further build momentum. Then keep it fresh with a promotional calendar and regular rhythm of new gear. We recommend including seasons that are relevant to your brand, like sports and holidays. You can also leverage local outdoor events and 3K charity runs that feed your calendar.

Do these examples resonate with you? Are you looking for ways to get more out of your uniforms? We can help you look at things in a new way and make your uniforms work for you!

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