Apparel Trend: Tie-Dye and Beyond

Tips & Tricks

Add color and pattern to your next apparel program with the updated looks of tie dye.
No longer limited to only swirls and rainbows, the modern dyed shirt has evolved with more sophisticated designs. Ombre is big in hair color, home décor and more. Get the look of a multi-tone shirt in a vibrant dip-dyed color.

You loved marbles as a kid; now you can love the look on a T-shirt too. Multi-color designs, with no two the same, are eye-catching and up to date and work well with simple but bold print designs.

If you have a favorite color combo but can’t find the right garment to match, then a custom dye job is just what you need. Watermelon and Chocolate together? On a shirt it just might be the tasty combination you desire for your next product launch. You can even have an iconic image dyed into the background image of a shirt. See the heart shirt above. This works best for simple and blocky graphics.

To find out if your color collection, icon or pattern can be turned into a custom dyed shirt, just contact one of our no-obligation sales consultants today.

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