Apparel Trend: Stripes are Stars

Tips & Tricks

In honor of our country’s independence, we will take a look at a powerful trend in casual wear: stripes.

They are showing up on athletic gear, workwear, dress shirts and T-shirts of every stripe! Stripes add contrast, pattern, interest and show you know the current trends. Even a subtle striping can enhance a promo gear program and take your campaign over the finish line. A note of caution: Stripes can distort images, so make sure your branding message can be seen in the manner you desire when it is placed on a striped garment.

For close together striping a bolder design with simple images often works best. In-house we take the 10 foot test – we mock up a design on the garment and then stand back to make sure it renders properly. If you want to have your message seen from a greater distance then use that measurement for testing. Think in terms of how close the viewer will be in relation to the garment in question and then check from there. The garment stripes should enhance the overall look, rather than compete with it.

Stripes play well with other patterns, too, as long they are of similar scale. Dots, Stars, Plaids and Checks can all be complementary to a Stripe. To see your brand on a series of apparel items, just ask your sales consultant. To see a collection of striped garments, click here.

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