Special Washes for T-Shirts

Tips & Tricks

Get an instant retail vibe for your corporate gear with on-trend fabric treatments that shout “current.” Take a soft hand shirt and add some acid and you get an upscale look for a modest price.

See image A above. Areas close to the seams and hems are a slightly different color which adds interest and fashion to a basic silhouette. Music bands, fashion designers, and brewpubs are all excellent brands that could benefit from this fashion-forward look.

Fabrics have gotten in on the marbling action with a modern take on the heather shirts of yesterday, see image B above. Striations are added to the fabric to provide a horizontal pattern and provides an excellent platform for both bold and distressed images. The fabric has a soft feel and is cozy against your skin.

Slub fabrics have been around for a while and they provide a nice texture upgrade to the basic T. Slub just means that there are concentrations of thread periodically throughout the material that provide some highs and lows to the fabric surface. They don’t interfere with the printing process and you can still achieve fairly detailed images with screen printing. See image C above.

All of these fabrics provide an enhanced look for a not expensive price. Grab some style points with your next promotion and try on one of these fabric treatments.

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