Puff Stich Ink Printing

Tips & Tricks

How do you get the look of embroidery for a fraction of the price? The answer is a screen print technique called Puff Stitch Printing. Rather than using thread to embroider a large design on a garment, which is very expensive, we use an ink system that replicates the look of embroidery. For this technique we use our automatic screen print presses and create screens for each color and a special formula of ink that puffs or rises when it is cured in our long chamber dryers.

The whole process starts in our art department where designers create the artwork that will be printed using this technique. There are some tricks they employ to achieve an embroidered look on fabric. Through layering, faux stitch placement and alteration of fonts, we can achieve a design that really does look like a more expensive applique or embroidered process. This process works for any garment that can be screen printed with standard cure inks, which means the garment can withstand being heated to 330 degrees for a minute, long enough to set the ink so it will not wash out.

Get more dimension in your next print project with a Puff technique. We have standard, suede finish and crackle puffs to achieve a variety of treatments. To find out more, please speak with your sales consultant who can explain the process, costs and garments best suited for this stellar print technique.

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