Mix it up with Stripes

Tips & Tricks

Even without their favorite partner the star, stripes are hot for 2016, showing up on dress shirts to sweatshirts.

The look for this season is layered and people will be wearing stripes paired with stripes, of varying widths and colors, that all work well together.

Whether vertical or horizontal, the right stripe can support your brand by adding dimension and pattern to your branding story.

The key to making it work is balance – if stripes are bold then keep your design simple and strong; and if the stripes are more subtle your graphics can be more complex and colorful.

Stripes make a great accent pattern for accessories like totes, beach towels and headwear. When in doubt, reach out and ask for our take on the appropriateness of stripes for your brand. We offer free gear mockups, using your key brand assets in creative ways on apparel and supporting gear.

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