Mad for Plaid

Tips & Tricks

Bet you didn’t know Paul Bunyan was a style icon way before his time. From oversized prints to tonal patterns, plaids are a fashion force.

The pattern is showing up in traditional places like shirts and blankets, but also on new items like caps, accessories, and bags. It connotes warmth, nostalgia and time-tested. Not only worn by hipsters and loggers, a plaid pattern can add a modern vibe to your corporate outfitting. It makes a promotion or event feel more chill; less serious. These aren’t grandpa’s plaids either.

Modern versions are trimmer, have extras like pockets and darts, and are meant to be worn out, not tucked in. Keep your branding simple. A back shoulder deco, a woven label on the front pocket, and sleeve imprint are all appropriate ways to use the plaid to great advantage. To find out what plaid can do for you, contact us today.

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