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Accessories are the spice of life, and they are now worn year-round. So, let’s talk about each one of these on-trend fashion accessories and how to use them. Scarves are seen promoting sports teams modeled on the European football neckwear; made of thick yarns and bright colors, they can be seen across a stadium. US schools and brands are taking a note and creating their own sense of style with corporate colors and less brash combinations, in knits from acrylic to cashmere. For warmer weather wear lightweight knits and custom woven pieces can be produced in materials ranging from cotton blends to silk. With custom prints and dye sublimation imprinting a totally unique design that beautifully incorporates a logo can convey your brand message with subtly and taste. Scarves are used for corporate outfitting in uniform programs, in retail merchandise programs and for promotional giveaway.

Headwear has gone way beyond the baseball cap, with styles as timeless and fresh as fedoras, Cadets, Panama hats and head wraps. They add personality to corporate promotions, especially for product launches. Branding can be subtle or bold, to fit your style and application. Hats are making a fashion comeback and you will be seeing them more and more as a wardrobe staple. The higher price the headwear, the smaller the branding. Keep it tasteful.

Crazy Socks are showing up under gabardines and suit pants. They provide a fun way to reveal some spice without inviting awkward stares. Go a little crazy with branding on custom socks. From dye sublimated footwear to custom knit sports socks, you can tell your brand story in colorful knits. For the price of a T-shirt you can give away something that most people don’t already own a closetful of. This is sock’s moment.

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