University of Iowa: A Custom Online Store for Branded Goods with Payment and Reporting Features


The University came to us looking for a completely unique custom online store setup. They needed the ability to choose items, maintain brand compliance with logos and colors, use P-Cards as a payment method, and charge licensing fees to users that participated in buying branded goods, in addition to needing custom quarterly reporting.


Righteous could meet all of their needs with a fully custom online store. We went through an extensive sampling process to ensure all items on the site were up to their quality standards, as well as to confirm that the colors were correct for their branding. We customized the payment process to accept their payment cards and have remitted their licensing fees through a custom report uploaded to their system quarterly.


Departments can order gear for their team members and events with confidence, knowing they are purchasing approved, quality gear, and they can use their issued P-Cards to pay for their orders.

Embroidered Antigua quarter-zip with embroidered University design and personalization options