Sizing Smarts

Tips & Tricks

You are reading a description of a shirt you like and you run across the phrase “junior sizing” or “European cut” and you wonder what does that mean. Well, it’s an excellent question if you want your garment to fit properly. Junior sizing is a term used for young women’s apparel that designates items as suitable for a smaller frame. In some cases a much smaller frame. For comparison sake, a junior size Large might be equivalent to a women’s standard size Small. This is why sizing charts are critical when gathering sizing for your team. Fortunately, many items that are sized for juniors also have counterparts or similar items available for average sized adults as well.

European Cut is another way to say “Slim Cut” and just means that the garment is intentionally cut to be worn closer to the body. This tends to be a nice selling feature for young men, but can provide a challenge for more seasoned gentlemen. When you are fit and trim you might want to show off your physique, hence the retail trend for trimmer cut shirts in the young men’s department.  When in doubt, order a sample for sizing your team. We send them right to your office and when you are done you just pop them back in the mail to us.

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