Decoration Trend: Moving beyond the L/C

Tips & Tricks

A man walks into a bar – no, this isn’t a joke – and wants to order a drink. Who does he look for, but the person with a logo on the left chest. We look there because we expect to find a uniformed person to help us, after all we just want a cold one. But let’s say you are a software company and you want cool gear for your engineers. Somehow the left chest seems a bit too uniform-ish. Unless you are manning a trade show booth, let’s help you think of other places to put your branding that give a more retail feel to your gear.

A phrase on a sleeve in tonal laser deco; a woven hem label; a rubber patch on the left bicep area; a reflective design in the locker patch area; a flexible transfer on the collar – all of these help convey your important brand messages in more modern, relevant ways.

If you would like to see how your brand would look on new gear, click here for free virtuals.

We just need a wee bit of contact info and your brand assets to show you how amazing your brand can look on cool, new gear.

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