For Summer 2016 Think Tank Tops

Tips & Tricks

Once reserved for undergarments only, the tank top has risen to the surface in recent years with as many variations as the T-shirt and has become a fashion staple. For both women and men there is now an option for every application, especially for summer events. Originally named for tank suits, the one-piece bathing costumes of the early 1900’s, this sleeveless garment has gained prominence at music concerts, community festivals, and resort destinations.

For those who have worked hard over the long, dark months of winter to tone their arms, the tank top provides a shoulder and upper arm baring showcase. Where once there was a one style fits all cut, there are now shapes and fabrics for just about every body type. For the performance athlete there are garments made of wicking and antimicrobial materials. For the fashionista there are flowy, layerable, and patterned options. Want thin straps? You got it. Need more coverage? There are choices there too.

Due to its large, seam-free surface area the Tank Top is the perfect canvas for branding messages and its casual nature lends itself to text driven designs. In order to maintain its highly wearable value, it is best to limit the use of logos and stick to a design aesthetic that mirrors what you see at retail. Tell your story with good design rather than making the logo the main focus. For cotton dominant fabrics a soft-hand screen-print is still the go-to deco choice, but applique, LASER treatments, foil sheen heat transfers and flocking are all good options depending on the design.

To check out a great selection of tank top styles for women and men, go here.

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