The difference between price and cost

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We all want to get the best products for the lowest price.

It’s human nature. The problem with our logic is that at times we engage in activities that actually cost us more, even though we think we are saving money.

This is called confusing price and cost. The price is what you pay in dollars and cents at the point of sale. It can include the product, shipping costs, and taxes. The cost is what the transaction actually exacts from us over the long-run. A lower price product or service can actually end up costing much more.

Let’s look at custom promo swag. You find a great price online so you place the order. What could go wrong?

Well, actually quite a few things. First, the product might not be exactly suitable for your needs and there may be several other better ideas for your purposes, but a computer interface doesn’t know that. Only a thoughtful conversation with a trained product specialist can help uncover the products and services that will make your gear purchase perform optimally and meet your outcomes. Missed delivery dates, wrong imprint colors, poor communication and incorrect shipping addresses all are common complaints of those using online only providers. Your cost includes your time. Not to mention the price of stress when you can’t reach a real person to deal with an issue.

“What’s the alternative?” you ask.

Good question. Browse online, if you like, to get an idea of the types of products that are available. Then speak with a real human, the same human who will walk you through art requirements, help you consider packaging options and point you only toward products that come from respected industry providers. Yes, there are thousands of promo items available on the open market, but only a portion of them come from socially compliant, environmentally aware, high customer service companies.

When you want a quality product, a great experience, and a better overall value, work with an established company, one that has been providing excellence in product support and knowledge for almost thirty years. Yep, since 1989 we’ve been helping companies brand their success with custom identity gear, promo swag, and uniforms. To start the conversation today, just click here.

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