Recipient of Pancheros Vendor of the Year

Inside Righteous

Everyone wants to be a winner, and when the prize comes from helping your client win, the winning is that much sweeter. At this years International Franchise Association’s annual conference, Righteous was awarded Pancheros Vendor of the Year by Pancheros Mexican Grill, a fast casual chain based in Iowa.

Our Partnership

Over the past six years we have worked with Pancheros on their company uniforms, limited time offer (LTO) gear, retail merchandise, and corporate identity apparel. We have enjoyed collaborating with the Pancheros’ team to help them strengthen their brand voice and gain new fans and repeat customers through creative and fun projects. 

For their participation in the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) we created team rider bike jerseys and fun fan giveaways. This event attracts riders from across the United States providing Pancheros an opportunity to increase their brand exposure and have some fun doing it. 

Core Values

Pancheros has been on a strong growth trend, expanding into new territories and regions as they spread awesome Mexican food to the Midwest of America. They believe in doing things differently, with an emphasis on quality and not relying on the status quo. Rodney Anderson, Pancheros Founder and CEO is quoted as saying, 

You can think you know everything about your brand or your product, but then you can ask key customers and they’ll touch on changes they might like to see. If you can perfect those changes, and realize you might not know it all, it’ll separate your brand from the others.

Pancheros Mexican Grill
Rodney Anderson, CEO

We tend to agree with that sentiment. As good as you are one day is only valuable when you can consistently deliver on your brand promise every day. Our team is always looking for ways to improve and learn from the past, whether successes or failures. It requires a bit of humility to acknowledge, like Rodney, that you might not know it all. We share the same goal, we want to separate our brand from others by consistently offering excellent service and making continual improvements so our customers have the best opportunity to grow.

It feels good to be recognized by a long-term customer for our innovative services and products. But, tomorrow is another day to prove ourselves all over again.


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