Righteous Trends - 2020

and where to find them

2020 made it’s mark as a year of challenges; the latest and largest being COVID-19. The industry has been greatly impacted, and everyone is unsure of the future. But, one thing we believe with everything we have is that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we will all get through this. 

With that being said, here are some trends that we have seen enter the market, that we believe will do well to inform purchasing once we reach the other side of the rainbow.

Pins are small expressions of who a person is inside or out. They represent their interests, experiences, places they have been, or goals they have in life.

They are perfect souvenirs, decorations for a backpack, jacket, hat, or wall. In a uniform program, they provide your employees an opportunity to personalize their apparel.

From head-to-toe denim has made its way back into the workforce wardrobe.

Everything from caps to aprons, in custom colors, cuts, and styles.

Leather patches have become the go-to decoration for savvy companies looking to elevate their apparel.

This decoration method has endless applications, but works best for caps, bags, blankets, and outerwear.

Matchbooks, toothpick boxes, etc. – Everyone wants to be JamesDean…or is it The Fonz? T-Birds? Brando? No matter which way you go, cool retro swag is at the end of your path.

Items ranging from toothpick boxes, to matchbooks, and combs for your hair can be found with modern updates but a retro feel.

No longer just made of foam and cheap plastic, the trucker cap is here to stay.

Providing staff with comfort, style, and function this breathable cap is a staple in any business program.

Basic Black is so last decade when it comes to cover-ups.

For 2020 take a page from the bespoke world and create a custom apron that looks high-end without the high price tag.

It seems every day someone comes out with a new way to tie a bandanna. Traditional, headband, cowboy, or bows – the list goes on.

This versatile headwear is a great addition to any uniform program thanks to its flexibility in decoration, size, and style.

I thought I lost you there for a minute! Must be your camouflage. Bad Dad Joke aside, this timeless favorite is making its way back into malls and closets.

Pair with like colors and wear your print-of-choice on a jacket, hat, or pants. These days camo isn’t limited to the army-inspired green look of the past. There are digi camos, realtree camos, and more.

This new trendy mug is functional and fashionable.

The cork bottom protects hands and surfaces from
heat, while adding a trendy flair to your coffee delivery vessel.

Stripes have already made it into the pattern hall-of-fame. But this tried and true pattern has found a new way to bring class and interest to uniform programs.

Instead of using stripes for shirts or pants, look to use them on aprons, hats, or pockets. A small touch of striping can take your apparel to the next level.

Sherpa has been around for a while but was previously hidden on the inside of garments. Now loud and proud, the current Sherpa trend is a fluffy style jacket or quarter-zip.

Stay warm, and in style at the same time!

Not only do Embroidered patches look vintage and modern all at once, but in 2020 they can also tell your story, literally.

Embedded with RFID chips and linked to your custom landing page, you can provide up to the minute connections and updates to your remote teams. And you thought they just looked cool.

Many brands are looking to reduce their environmental impact, and thankfully the options in 2020 include a wide variety of T-shirts, sweatshirts, and headwear.

Using recycled soda bottles, organic cotton, and post consumer polyester, these new garments are soft, comfortable and comfortably priced.

Today’s garment imprints are softer, lighter, and more flexible, without giving up the incredible vibrancy and durability you need.

There’s just something about an old weathered barn sign to signal reliability and history, longevity and stability.

Let weathered or distressed elements provide your design with some instant cred. Vintage is hot, retro is cool, and even new things like to have the look of being around for a while.

In times of uncertainty, our cultural tendency is to revisit the tried and true, like this Classic Blue, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020.

It conveys timelessness and simplicity, two traits in high demand this year.

Like the Grand Canyon, the latest trend is to mixearth tones in layers, with ombres and fades.

These less saturated colors are easy on the eyes and easy to wear; mixing as well with muted denims and twills, as they do with bright counter-points. The 2020 rule is no rules when it comes to mixing colors.

The ebb and flow of pastels is flowing again with new retail merchandise in tones of mint, pink, baby blue, and yellows.

It has also become popular to mix them in tie-dye pastels on tees, hoodies, and hats.

Looking for something a little more subtle and cool? Then look no further than a tonal print.

This look is achieved using a clear ink, bringing out a darker tone of the garment color during decoration. This works well for most any garment style.

Oatmeal, tan, and other neutral colors have taken over for the white, black, and navy garments that have been so popular over the past decade.

This is due to them pairing well with a large selection of colors. Put your next tee, hoodie, or jacket design on a neutral garment and stay on-trend.