How to Choose a New Uniform Provider

How to Choose a New Uniform Provider

(Disclaimer: yes, we are a uniform provider, but stick with us. This is helpful info no matter who you work with.)

Uniforms have been around since the dawn of civilization and for good reason. They help people quickly discern which team you are on and what your role is. In our modern era, uniforms still have a significant role in shaping the way your customers view your organization. The apparel you provide shapes your brand’s perception and tells your employees that they are important to you.

Uniforms are not just for uniformity. They add a professional air, communicate key messages, and make getting dressed for work a no-brainer. Employees like receiving them and consider branded apparel a nice perk. Not only is it a benefit but it can help in your employee retention efforts, too. When used well, your uniforms can aid the bottom line while helping tell your brand story within your four walls and in the community.

Since branding is so important, you need a partner that can help optimize your apparel and take advantage of the opportunities that uniforms provide in telling your best customers who you are as an organization.

In the past, you needed two firms to help you do it right: a brand marketing firm to help shape your brand voice and create your graphics, and a uniform company to produce the apparel and fulfill orders. Now you can have both in one provider. Righteous brings both sides together to seamlessly create branded apparel programs that clearly reflect your brand vibe and values, and deliver products to you when you need them.


When choosing a uniform provider, ask if these 5 critical benefits are present:


  1. Design and Creative In-House – create your brand aesthetic and translate that into products that create brand champions for you
  2. Production in the latest decorating techniques – beyond screen printing and embroidery, there is LASER, DTG, sewn-on labels, heat seal applications and more
  3. Online Stores – either B2B or B2C portals with best in class functionality to make ordering and checking out a breeze; we help you grow your brand.
  4. Fulfillment Services that are close to you –  From our US locations we reach over 90% of the population in 2 days or less with ground freight. This saves you money and gets your product to you quickly.
  5. Custom manufacturing coupled with Ready-to-wear means you can have a unique look that differentiates you from your competition. We build from the ground up.


If you are ready to find a new uniform provider, and think Righteous may be a good fit, contact us today.

Alternative shades to Black

Alternative shades to Black

Black is a tried and true apparel option. Most everyone looks good in black, almost all imprint colors look great on it, and it appeals to a wide audience of users. On the other hand, it is also a color that can sometimes come across as too harsh, or boring.

An up-and-coming trend is replacing black with alternative dark shades. One such option is black heather. This colorway (shown above, middle) lightens up the black color, and provides additional contrast. This is a really popular option with colleges, restaurant retail, and athletic programs.

Another great substitute is classic navy blue. A rich apparel color can bring out the colors in your design, and can even feel refreshing.

Some additional colors that are currently popular are: charcoal, athletic heather and heather brown.

Optimizing Light Ink on Dark Tees

Optimizing Light Ink on Dark Tees

It is common knowledge in this industry that white ink requires two layers in order to be bright and vibrant, but why?

Light colored plastisol inks are in-between transparent and opaque when applied correctly to dark garments. In order for the ink to cure at the proper temperature, a base layer must be applied, flashed by a heating unit, and then printed one more time with the same layer.

Imagine you are painting a wall which is black. Any white paint is going to require you to put a base layer down, then wait for it to dry, and then apply your second coat. With the print flash print method for T-shirts, we are able to add that second coat in a quick and effective manner, to ensure our prints come out clean, crisp, and bright for the world to see.