With the push for more fashion-forward outerwear, better decoration options are needed as well.

One such option is lasering. Since this method is applied with light directly into the garment, there will be no discoloration, shrinkage or separation down the road.

Another great option is direct embroidery. This method gives your jacket a professional appearance, whether your design is full color, or tonal. However, embroidery places a series of tiny holes in the jacket to achieve this great look, which can affect waterproof ratings. When water protection is a must we can create embroidered patches that are heat-sealed to the garment, thus maintaining the weatherproofing needed for your application.

Last for today is rubber patches. This dimensional patch stands up to less-than-optimal conditions very well. It is first secured down to the garment, and then a small line of stitches is applied around the edge to hold it securely in place. These come in all shapes and sizes and work best on the chest or sleeve.

If you are ready to see a new decoration method on your outerwear this year contact our team of experts today to find out what is possible.