Our Services

In a nutshell, we brand your first impressions.
We do this through the use of uniform and corporate apparel, promotional swag,
and retail merchandise, that turns your audience into raving fans.

Managed Programs

From design to fulfillment, our services free you up to grow.

Achieve business Nirvana by giving us your program management challenges.

A managed program is simply one that we take off your plate and run for you. It could be a Safety Program, Uniform Program, Retail Merchandise Program, Reward Program or Swag Program. Notice the common denominator there? We create the structure, help you select the appropriate products, design the components and make ordering easy for you and your organization.

We custom create from the ground up to meet your objectives. Need monthly reports, co-op billing, payroll deductions or some other custom function? We can do that too!

Garment Decoration

A shirt is just a shirt until a design is put on it. Then it becomes a brand beacon, a solidarity signifier, a load speaker without shouting.

Turn your message into brand brilliance with the right decoration technique. We offer traditional hand-pulled screen printing; high volume automatic printing; embroidery and applique; sewn-on patches, labels, and decals; heat press numbers and names; LASER etching; rhinestone and bedazzled transfers; direct-to-garment imprinting; and a whole host of fun and functional techniques to make your design come to life.

Promotional Products

The best way to be more memorable is to be more tangible.

When you engage the five senses in experiencing your brand, brain connections are enhanced and memories go deeper. Your messaging, your critical brand communication is optimized when placed on tangible items like promo swag and apparel.

Swag is the modern name for promotional products, advertising specialties, and novelties. These are old stand-bys like coffee mugs, pens, and calendars, and new necessities like fidget spinners, thumb drives and Bluetooth speakers. All of these items can showcase your brand, carry your logo and communicate clearly what you value, where you are going, and who you want to take along for the ride.

Cut and Sew

Ever wanted something that didn’t exist? While we can’t snap our fingers to make it happen, we can use some fabric, thread, and patterns to create some custom sewing magic. When ready to wear is not going to cover it for you, let us design and produce what you need. Minimums are low.

Past projects have included leather sporrans, bras, kilts, pirate costumes, jerseys for buffalo mascots, targes, capes, and dresses. If you can envision it, we can probably create it. Let ‘s make some magic together.

Fulfillment Services

If you’ve grown a lot recently and are still handling your fulfillment in-house, it’s time to hand that over. A partner with the experience, systems, and expertise to do it well can help you grow even faster.

With our two US locations, we reach over 90% of the population in two days or less with ground shipping. So hire that person, plan that event, celebrate that milestone; your in-stock gear can get there quickly.

A fulfillment program can be as small as one item or as complex as multiple lines of merchandise for various audiences. We build, manage, scale and respond to your needs. Let’s build something together.

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