bd’s Mongolian Grill

The Challenge

bd’s Mongolian Grill is a Detroit, MI based company of 25+ casual dining restaurants. They are the only one of their kind to have a location in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This makes their Mongolian food really authentic.

As a growing brand with premium fresh food and an expanding drink offering including alcohol, bd’s wanted to have a comprehensive brand makeover that would clearly communicate their unique market position in a fun and authentic way.

Creating a fun, interactive environment is part of the brand experience and the tangible gear that is worn and sold helps set the stage for a memorable one.

Our Solution

The bd’s team was a dream to work with; having a clear sense of their own brand strengths and the ability to trust us with key aspects of creative and execution.

Righteous dug into the main tenets of the bd’s brand to create a series of uniforms specific for the servers and grillers, focusing on phrases that would elicit a response from the patron. We then created three separate programs, including a uniform program, corporate apparel, and seasonal LTO (Limited Time Offer) Gear that includes custom humorous drinkware and shirts.

What we require a Teammate to wear can make a big difference in how they feel about where they work.  The right uniform can reinforce the brand image, encourage fun and loyalty and will reinforce that we care about our Teammates, especially when we take great lengths to ask them for their ideas and what they want.  It’s also important to be in tune with today’s Teammate and to keep up with the trends.  It’s so great that our Uniform Vendor Partners at Righteous understands what is going on in the industry are there to support us with these efforts!

Carrie Martin
VP of Operations Support, bd’s Mongolian Grill