Vector Artwork Files Preferred: Vector Format files (created using Adobe Illustrator, file name ending in .ai or .eps) must have all type converted to outlines. The artwork file(s) should be accompanied by a JPEG proof to communicate the supplier’s desired result. Artwork should be submitted at 100% actual imprint size or clearly note the desired finished size. Placement of design on garment should also be clearly noted. Please specify all colors using Pantone Solid Coated (C) color chart.

Format: Adobe Illustrator, any version.

Raster Artwork Files: Bitmap files (created using Adobe Photoshop, file name ending in .psd or .tif) should be rendered in original layers at 100% of actual imprint size with a resolution of at least 150 dpi (preferably 300).

Format: Adobe Photoshop, any version.

Supplied Film: Customer supplied film should be to size with registration marks and center marks. One color halftone art resolution should be at 45 lines per inch (LPI) at an angle of 22.5°.

Contact: Art Department
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