What is a Clothing Agency?

Apparel is powerful brand real estate and can be used to influence buying decisions, help groups feel united in purpose and improve a brand’s image. Garments tell stories with words and images together and the tangible nature of them causes greater brain connections to brands than most other forms of advertising.

Our work is in tangible products selected or created for each unique client. Using ready to wear or totally custom creations, we express your brand values in a way that makes sense for you. With vertical operations from project consulting to design to production to program management to fulfillment, we handle what we do best so you can handle what you do best.

Robust corporate outfitting involves more than just apparel so we integrate a carefully selected range of promotional products from world class suppliers to provide you a consistent program. We play well with others too and will happily work with your print, broadcast and social media agencies for a seamless campaign.

We don’t create ad campaigns or write your commercials, but we do provide excellence in branded apparel and tangible promotional tools. Need pint glasses for your new product launch or executive gifts for your top customers? We source, select, oversee the process like a hawk and satisfy to the full extent of the law.