WHO: Toppers Pizza is a chain of 75+ units based in Wisconsin, experiencing significant growth and higher than average AUV. A key differentiator is its extended delivery time, into the wee hours; a favorite of college students and night owls.

We take the time to do the little things, like welcoming everyone to our store. The big things, like making our dough fresh daily.

And the unexpected things, like running each delivery to the door so the food stays hot. People, pizza and passion—it’s how we roll.

Toppers Pizza

WHAT: Part of the Toppers brand appeal is its irreverent take on life which translates well into retail merchandise and a cut above uniform design; all conveying the unique Toppers vibe.

HOW: Righteous created three separate programs, all designed to communicate the Toppers brand values to each unique audience: 1. Uniform Program that uses their signature red work shirt and larger than life logo decoration so you always know who the driver is. The entire ensemble includes a cap, jacket, mission statement Tee and a custom-made delivery bag. 2. e-commerce Retail Collection of humorous shirts and caps that reinforce the fun, action oriented brand values. 3. Corporate Identity Gear that showcases the brand in retail-looking ways that is way beyond a logo slapped on the left chest. Owners and managers get to wear gear outside the four walls of the restaurant that doesn’t feel like traditional logo wear and still shows off their pride of partnership in a great Midwest and growing brand.

Toppers Pizzas brand integrity is ensured through our online uniform store with Righteous Clothing Agency.

All branded merchandise is approved to ensure that logos and merchandise meet our corporate branding guidelines.

This provides our franchisees with ease of ordering and saves them time when purchasing promotional products for an event.

Righteous is a great partner.

When we provide them with a challenge of finding something new or out of the ordinary they are quick to help us find

what we’re looking for at a reasonable price.

Toppers Pizza

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