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The difference between price and cost

We all want to get the best products for the lowest price. It’s human nature. The problem with our logic is that at times we engage in activities that actually cost us more, even though we think we are saving money. This is called confusing price and cost. The price...

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How to choose a new uniform company

(Disclaimer: yes, we are one, but stick with us. This is helpful info no matter who you work with.) Uniforms have been around since the dawn of civilization and for good reason. They help people quickly discern which team you are on and what your role is. In our...

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Outerwear Decoration

With the push for more fashion-forward outerwear, better decoration options are needed as well. One such option is lasering. Since this method is applied with light directly into the garment, there will be no discoloration, shrinkage or separation down the road....

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Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater Tees

It's the holidays, and you need a fun gift for everyone at your office. Well, look no further! The Ugly Christmas Sweater tee is the answer. This fun, fully customizable gift is easier to get than you think. Available in a range of colors, and styles, there is...

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Alternative shades to Black

Black is a tried and true apparel option. Most everyone looks good in black, almost all imprint colors look great on it, and it appeals to a wide audience of users. On the other hand, it is also a color that can sometimes come across as too harsh, or boring. An...

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Optimizing Light Ink on Dark Tees

It is common knowledge in this industry that white ink requires two layers in order to be bright and vibrant, but why? Light colored plastisol inks are in-between transparent and opaque when applied correctly to dark garments. In order for the ink to cure at the...

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