bd’s Mongolian Grill Brand Story

WHO: bd’s Mongolian Grill is a Detroit, MI based system of 25+ casual dining restaurants, that is the only one of its kind to have a unit in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This makes their Mongolian food really authentic.

WHAT: As a growing brand with premium fresh food  and an expanding drink offering including alcohol, bd’s wanted to have a comprehensive brand makeover that would clearly communicate its unique market position in a fun and authentic way. The package includes a Uniform Program, Corporate Identity Gear and Seasonal LTO Gear that includes custom humorous drinkware and shirts.

HOW: The bd’s team is a dream to work with, having a clear sense of their own brand strengths and the ability to trust their partner with key aspects of creative and execution. The Righteous team dug into the main tenets of the bd’s brand and created a series of uniforms specific for the servers and grillers, focusing on phrases that would elicit a response from the patron. Creating a fun, interactive environment is part of the  brand experience and the tangible gear that is worn and sold helps set the stage for a memorable one.

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